If you´re into cycling there is simply no reason why you wouldn´t want to ride on great road surfaces with little traffic, in the all-year-round sun of Tenerife! We believe that once people know about our cycling paradise they won´t be able to resist. We know how good it is! It´s just a matter of letting people know!

10% Cash Back

This presents an opportunity for a variety of organisations. We will give you 10% cash back on all bookings that we receive a result of your efforts. You can either keep the money, pass to members or customers or even donate to a charity. It will be yours to do with it what you will.

What we would require in return

In order to reach your members or customers, we will need exposure and a visual presence on your website and social media platforms whereby we can promote our products. Once you become an affiliate organisation, we´ll issue a reference code that you can issue to your members or customers.

Who Could Benefit?

There is a wide range of groups of organisations who could benefit from our cash back scheme. For example:

Cycling Clubs


Excursion shops and agencies

Bike Shops


Other sports Clubs

Sports Retail outlets

Schools, Colleges and Universities