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Club Activo Cycling Tenerife: About Us

‘Club Activo Cycling Tenerife’ was founded in 2010 by Tony Ludwig, who initially moved to the island in order to develop sports projects, with an emphasis on training and practicing sports in all-year round sunshine. Tony, who earned both a Bachelors’ Degree and also a Masters’ Degree in Physical Education / Sports Science and Recreation Management from Loughborough University, has always had a passion for sporting activities and travelling, and a decade ago he was on the lookout for a niche in the sporting market, when the idea of setting-up a professional cycling company came to mind. Tenerife was the ideal setting for such a venture, of course, as not only was the terrain suitable for both professional and seasoned riders alike, but the climate was also perfect for all year round riding.

Now, after ten very successful years, Tony is not only enhancing the ‘Club Activo Cycling Tenerife’ portfolio with brand new high quality bicycles, but he is also linking the club with top branded names, such as the ‘TUI Group’
The Club Activo Cafe, along with its vehicles, is also being upgraded. There will be even more spectacular tours routes, exciting cycling packages and bespoke camps available to all levels of biking enthusiasts from around the world. Assisting Tony in his endeavour is Ed from the Netherlands who takes on the responsibility of ensuring the tours are well coordinated and that all of the riders are well looked after! Ed works closely with the ever expanding team of professional guides!


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