Ride the Lunar Landscape towards Spain's highest Mountain!
Our ride to Mount Teide has become an iconic ´must do´ ride in the past few years and our approach from the west side is our most popular! You can start from Chio or Los Paleos-13 kilometres and 600 metres up the mountain. You´ll enjoy spectacular views of the Teno mountain range and the neighbouring islands of La Gomera and La Palma as you ride ever closer to the great mountain!

The next stop is Boca Tauce where you have the chance to get up close to the majestic volcano that last erupted over 100 years ago! From here we´ll ride some extra kilometres in to the crater to marvel at the mountain from a different perspective-it´s a unique experience riding at over 2000 metres above sea level. As with all of our tours, our riders can go at their own speed whilst being looked after by our on-the-road guides and our vehicle support!

Following a climb back out of the carter, we´ll regroup at Retamar and prepare for our 25 kilometre decent where a typical Canarian lunch awaits at our café in San Miguel where we can share our experiences of a truly special day! The tour ends with an optional downhill section to Las Americas where the tour concludes.

Our tour philosophy is clear-our on-the-road guides and vehicle support will do everything possible to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable tour that you will never forget!
It is important that our riders always ride that their own level—our tours are for every level of rider! Our stronger riders will ride faster, cover more distance and climb more metres without having to wait for slower riders. Our slower riders can take it easy, cover less distance and climb less without the pressure of having to ´keep up´.

Teide West (Monday)Teide West (Monday)Teide West (Monday)Teide West (Monday)

Distance: 67 kilometres
Climbing meters: 1130 metres

Distance: 68-87 kilometres
Climbing meters: 1680-2000 metres

Pro Level available upon request

Vehicle support (breakdown or complete support)
Top quality rental bikes (with helmet and pedals included)
Return hotel transfers available (contact us for details)
On the bike guide
Typical Canarian lunch or tapas included (in our very own cycling café)
Water, homemade bar and banana

Club Activo is the biggest cycling day tour provider in Tenerife
Different levels that follow the same route(to allow different levels to ride on the same tour)
Experienced, personable on-the-road guides
Flexibility-only ride when you want!
Hotel collections available (contact us for details)
Meet friends and ride with like-minded cyclists.
Professional quality bikes
Ride without a back pack or map and enjoy the experience!

08.15-08.45 to 15.30-16.15 (depending on tour)

 Tour Only: €65.00
 Tour + Club Activo Bike Hire: €90.00 (Save €7.00!)

VIP Bike (DI2, Disc Brake): €15.00

 12 years and above (must be accompanied by an adult)
 25% discount for children 12-15 years (must be accompanied by an adult)