Focus’ Jarifa Fat gives you the traction, control, and power to scale any ascent so you can really enjoy the trail back down. Eliminate the dread of tough ascents with 250 watts of assist from the Impulse Evo RS mid-drive motor. It’s torque sensitive and activated by your pedal effort to preserve a true cycling experience and enable you to go further, faster. The juice is plentiful thanks to a 612 wH (watt hour) lithium ion battery, and you can monitor your range and a lot of other helpful data on the big, easy-to-read LCD display. Enjoy the monster-truck feel of 2.8-inch wide tires and 27.5 plus rims for traction and control through trickier corners.

1 day: €39.00
2-5 days: €36.00
6-12 days: €33.00
13+ days: €29.00

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