VIP Road SLR02 DI2 Disc: Are you looking for pro-level race performance bike rental?  Well look no further!  With a  World Championship win under its belt, a Tour de France win, and the experience of owning countless World and Grand Tour stages, the Teammachine is a stallion amongst its peers. Not resting on its laurels, the BMC team continually strive to improve the performance of this beautiful machine.   Their mission is to constantly innovate and continually aim to create the best. By utilizing their own ACE Technology, they have accelerated the evolution of the Teammachine by light years. The result is the best performance under competitive conditions.  This is achieved through a better balance of weight, stiffness and compliance that has been perfected with maximal integration and Swiss design.
VIP Road Cervélo R5 DA: This World Tour racing machine has always been incredibly light and stiff, and now, after extensive research and testing, the R5 is breaking new ground by delivering the ultimate all-around ride experience. The roads haven’t changed, but the game has. The R Series uniquely enhances both comfort and total elite level performance

1 day: €39.00
2-5 days: €36.00
6-12 days: €34.00
13+ days: €29.00

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