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Cycling Camps

Choose from a range of specialist camps for individuals, small groups, clubs and teams!

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Bike Hire

We have a wide selection of bikes to make your cycling experience on Tenerife truely one of the best.

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New: Teide Express Morning Tour

Club Activo appreciates that some riders want to get on the road early and return home by 12.30 to lunch with friends and family! This is why our new Teide Express tour is sure to be a big hit for the 2019/2020 season!

Trip Advisor

Choose from our wide selection of quality carbon bikes

Our Bikes

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Professional Mountain bike 29″
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Warm weather cycling all year around!

Our tour philosophy

Our tour philosophy is clear-our on-the-road guides and vehicle support will do everything possible to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable tour that you will never forget!

It is important that our riders always ride that their own level—our tours are for every level of rider! Our stronger riders will ride faster, cover more distance and climb more metres without having to wait for slower riders. Our slower riders can take it easy, cover less distance and climb less without the pressure of having to ´keep up´.